Index of tv series lost season 2

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Index of tv series lost season 2

Lost in Space season 2 will be have a Christmas Eve arrival with the show premiering all its 10 episodes on December Ad — content continues below.

The Robinsons, using all their ingenuity once again, have created…Space Boat. Just like the first season, the upcoming run will consist of 10 episodes. Characters like Victor, Vijay, the Watanabes, and more are back home on aboard the Resolute and on their way to Alpha Centauri. With the absence of those supporting characters though, the show has a unique opportunity to make its cast even bigger.

The Robinsons, Smith, and West are now on the outskirts of an alien world. One can only hope so. The first new addition will be Ava, a something mechanic supervisor. Commander Jiang will also be introduced in Season 2.

She is the commander aboard the Resolute and is described as capable, stalwart, and…uh, resolute? They had other marooned colonists to keep them company and at least roughly knew the location of the Resolute.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The log line for Lost In Space season 2 indicates a wet journey ahead with the search for the Robot taking a central role in the story:.

With the Jupiter 2 stranded on a mysterious ocean planet without their beloved Robot, the Robinsons must work together, alongside the mischievous and manipulative Dr. Smith and the always charming Don West, to make it back to the Resolute and reunite with the other colonists.

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But they quickly find all is not as it seems. A series of incredible new threats and unexpected discoveries emerge as they look for the key to finding Robot and safe passage to Alpha Centauri. They will stop at nothing to keep their family safe… survival is a Robinson specialty after all. So in conclusion… Lost in Space season 2: fewer people, more robots!

index of tv series lost season 2

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Tags: Lost In Space Netflix. Written by Alec Bojalad alecbojalad. Read more from Alec Bojalad.The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island. Watch Lost now on. Episode Guide Printable. Season 6 go Amazon. The End Episode What They Died For Episode Across The Sea Episode The Candidate Episode Jack's suspicions about Locke make his decision more difficult after he is asked to complete a difficult task.

The Last Recruit Episode Everybody Loves Hugo Episode Hurley worries over what the group should do next, and Locke is curious about the new arrival to his camp. Happily Ever After Episode The Package Episode Sun and Jin desperately continue searching for each other. Meanwhile, Locke confronts his enemy. Ab Aeterno Episode 9. Recon Episode 8. Linus Episode 7. Sundown Episode 6. Sayid faces a difficult decision, and Claire sends a warning to the temple inhabitants.

Lighthouse Episode 5. Hurley must convince Jack to accompany him on a mission, and Jin comes across an old acquaintance. The Substitute Episode 4. What Kate Does Episode 3.

Kate finds herself on the run, while Jack is tasked with something that could put a friend's life at risk.

index of series

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The series follows the experiences of the survivors of a plane crash on a passenger jet, Oceanic Flightwhich crashed on a tropical island in the South Pacific, with each episode typically featuring action on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character's life.

The series also includes stories of the lives of people already living on the island — they include the " Others ", who initially antagonize the survivors, as well as a group of people who arrive on the freighter Kahana. Lost: Missing Pieces consists of thirteen original two- to three-minute clips referred to as "mobisodes" which were produced for cell phones and released between seasons three and four.

Multiple former and recurring cast members made an appearance in the series finale. In the following list, the term "featured character s " refers to the character or characters who are featured in the secondary storyline of each episode.

Season one aired from September 22,to May 25, In addition to the twenty-four regular episodes in season one, a special, " Lost: The Journey ", aired on April 27,to put the mysteries of the island and the characters in perspective in the lead-up to the season finale.

Season one begins when a plane crash strands the surviving passengers of Oceanic Flight on a seemingly deserted tropical islandforcing the group of strangers to work together to stay alive. However, their survival is threatened by several mysteries, including the contents of a hatch buried in the ground, an unknown entity that roams the jungle, and the motives of the inhabitants known as the " Others ".

Season one covers a narrative time of 44 days.

index of tv series lost season 2

The first season averaged Season two aired from September 21,to May 24, In addition to the twenty-three regular episodes, three specials were aired that provided recaps and insights into the show's mysteries.

There were several cast changes in season two. Ian Somerhalderwho played Booneleft the show, while Malcolm David Kelleywho played Waltonly appeared in four episodes. Ekoand Libbyrespectively. Season two introduced several new characters to the series, who include the plane's tail-section survivors and other island inhabitants.

More island mythologies and insights into the survivors' pasts are divulged. The existence of the Dharma Initiative and its benefactor, the Hanso Foundationis established. The truth about the " Others " begins to unfold. Season two takes place over 23 days. The second season averaged a total of Season three began airing on October 4,and ended on May 23, There were twenty-two episodes aired in two blocks.

index of tv series lost season 2

The first block consisted of six episodes and aired for six consecutive weeks. After a twelve-week break, the second block aired, and featured the remaining sixteen episodes. In addition to the twenty-two regular season episodes, two specials were aired.

Harold Perrineau Jr. Elizabeth Mitchell joined the main cast as Julietas did Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro as previously unseen crash survivors Nikki and Paulo respectively. Season three continues the story 67 days after the crash. The season begins where the second season left off: three of the crash survivors are held in captivity by the mysterious Others. More backstory on the Others, as well as the Dharma Initiative, is revealed. The survivors face continuous threats from their enemies, and also from their friends.Lost - Season 2.

Watch Lost now on. Episode Guide Printable. Live Together, Die Alone 2 Episode After discovering something odd just offshore, Jack and Sayid come up with a plan to confront "The Others" and hopefully get Walt back. Meanwhile, Eko and Locke come to blows as Locke makes a potentially cataclysmic decision regarding the "button" and the hatch. Live Together, Die Alone 1 Episode Lastly, Desmond returns and he sheds some more light on his experience on the island in the three years prior to when Locke came down into that hatch.

Three Minutes Episode As the survivors mourn the loss of Ana Lucia and Libby, Michael continues to mount pressure on his peers to join him in a mission to rescue Walt from the Others. Meanwhile, the events that happened to Michael after he left are finally revealed.

Episode As Eko experiences unusual dreams, he asks John to take him to the "? At the Hatch, the rest of the survivors must come to terms with the death of Ana Lucia and Libby clinging to life. Two for the Road Episode After finding an exhausted Michael in the forest, Jack and Kate bring him back to the main camp. When he finally wakes up, Michael has some new details about "The Others.

As Bernard attempts to spur the survivors into trying to get themselves rescued, Rose is surprisingly and vehemently opposed. Dave Episode Hurley begins to experience hallucinations of his friend Dave guest-star Evan Handler from his past in a mental hospital. Meanwhile, with the truth revealed about Henry Gale, the survivors face the decision of what to do next.

Lockdown Episode Locke finds himself trapped in the Swan during a resupply lockdown, forcing him to rely on Henry Gale for help. Out in the jungle, Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie search for the balloon which would prove Henry's alibi. The Whole Truth Episode John enlists Ana Lucia's help in dealing with their prisoner in the Hatch. Elsewhere, Sun begins to think that she might be pregnant. Maternity Leave Episode When Claire suspects Aaron might be sick, she sets out on a mission to find a vaccine, and on the way begins to unravel the mysteries of her past memories whilst kidnapped by Ethan on the Island.

One of Them Episode Sayid is sought by Rousseau after one of her traps captures a mysterious man, leading to conflict over whether he should be treated as an enemy or not. The Long Con Episode This article contains episode summaries for the second season of Lost. In the U. For airdates on other networks and in other countries, see Airdates.

In order of character appearances. Season Two focused on the Hatch. Major plot points included:. After having opened the Hatch at the end of Season 1, it is revealed to be a research station, which has running water and electricity, is well stocked with food, and has a s era computer, which, according to its previous occupant, Desmondmust have the Numbers 48151623and 42 typed into it every minutes, or "the world will end.

Sayidhowever, was able to fix the computer. The survivors debate whether or not to trust Desmond's instructions, but set up shifts to keep watch and enter the numbers, having repaired the computer. They gradually learn through bits of filmstrip that what they had previously referred to as "the Hatch" is actually the "Swan station", one of several different DHARMA Initiative stations present on the Island. Shannonwhile searching for Vincent the night the Hatch is opened, stumbles upon Waltwho, soaking wet and speaking backwards, appears and disappears right before her very eyes.

Shannon believes something happened to the rafters, and her suspicions are confirmed when Claire and Shannon find the bottle of messages the rafters took with them to give to the mainland, washed up on the beach.

Sawyer and Michael create a makeshift raft from floating wreckage after the attack on their raft, the disappearance of Jinand abduction of Walt.

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The currents push them back to the Island, where they encounter a panicked Jin, and then the tail section survivors, who are led by Ana Luciaand include Libby and Mr. Ana Lucia initially directs that they be held captive, but they eventually reconcile, and head to the other side of the Island to reunite with the rest of the survivors. Meanwhile, Shannon receives yet another visit from Walt and realizes that something has happened to him and insists to Sayid that he needs her help.

Shannon and Vincent go through the jungle to find Walt. Sayid tracks her down and tries to stop her. She breaks down and tells him that he's going to abandon herjust like everyone else in her life. After they admit their love for each other and reconcile, Shannon sees Walt once again in the jungle, talking backwards.

She runs after him. She fires a shot and kills Shannon. The experience of the tail section survivors on the Island is explored, and it is revealed that The Others kidnapped a total of 12 members of their group, which had been infiltrated by Goodwin. The two communities merge under awkward circumstances as Sayid is heartbroken that Shannon has died.

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Ana Luciawho feels guilty about Shannon 's death, feels uncomfortable among the group and like an outcast. She eventually befriends Jack and gains the acceptance of Sayidwho finally admits that Shannon's death was not of her fault, but he instead blames The Others.TV Schedule.

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Sign In. Lost — S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. One of the castaways is chosen to descend into the mysterious hatch, and Shannon stumbles upon a shockingly familiar face in the jungle. S2, Ep2. Michael and Sawyer fight for their lives on the high seas and discover a new threat. Locke descends into the hatch to find a missing Kate.

S2, Ep3. Jack, Locke and Kate learn more secrets about the hatch. Meanwhile, after being beaten and taken captive, Sawyer, Michael and Jin wonder if their captors are fellow survivors or the dreaded "Others.

S2, Ep4.

Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Episodes, Cast, Plot Details, and More

Hurley struggles with a task inside the hatch as he flashes back to disturbing memories. Sawyer and the others learn their captors' identities. S2, Ep5. Michael goes into the jungle to find Walt, but discovers he's not alone.

index of tv series lost season 2

Sawyer and Jin's captors demand to be taken to their camp. S2, Ep6. Sawyer's wound becomes life threatening as he, Michael and Jin make their way across the island with the tail section survivors. S2, Ep7. The survivors struggle to live when some other people on the island continue to kidnap some of them.

S2, Ep8. Tempers flare when Ana Lucia and her group stumble upon Sayid and the other castaways.

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S2, Ep9. Kate's original crime that started her life on the run is revealed. Meanwhile, the survivors lay one of their own to rest, Kate sleeplessly watches over a feverish Sawyer, and Mr. Eko has a surprise for Locke regarding the hatch. S2, Ep Claire loses faith in Charlie after Eko questions him about the Virgin Mary statues.

Jack, Locke and Sawyer follow Michael who left to look for his son.

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They meet "the others". More is shown about Jack's back-story. When Charlie's vividly surreal dreams lead him to believe Claire's baby, Aaron, is in danger, Locke suspects Charlie may be using drugs again.

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